Thailand’s Deer

Male sambar deer

Five species of deer reside in Thailand, though only three are likely to be encountered since the other two are very rare. Thailand also has three species of “mouse-deer” (aka chevrotain), but despite this name, mouse deer are not actually deer, and they do not have antlers. Two common features of all five deer species are their facial scent glands and white fur on the undersides of their tales. The… Read More

How to Identify Thailand’s Egrets

little egret

Because of their all-white color, there’s never any doubt that a bird is an egret. But Thailand’s five egret species are all quite similar in appearance so you have to remember certain distinctive features to tell them apart. Luckily, if you have a clear view it’s usually quite easy to do so. Remembering is the hard part, which is why I made these notes. Little, Intermediate, Great, and Cattle egrets… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Siamese Senna

Siamese Senna flowers and seed pods

Thai Name – Kee-lek (ขี้เหล็ก)Scientific Name – Senna siameaFamily Name – Fabaceae (Leguminosae)Other English Names – kassod tree, cassod tree, Siamese cassia, Thai cassia, yellow cassiaFlowering Season – Year-roundNative to Thailand – YesTypical Height – 10-20 meters Siamese senna has beautiful bright yellow flowers with five scoop-shaped petals that burst out of a pea-sized bud. When viewed from up close, the long (15-25cm) flat seed pods stand out almost as… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Lanete

lanete tree flower

Thai Name – Mok man (โมกมัน)Scientific Name – Wrightia arboreaFamily Name – ApocynaceaeOther English Names – Ivory, tree, dhudhi, woolly dyeing rosebayFlowering Season – April-AugustNative to Thailand – YesTypical Height – 8-20 meters Not a showy tree, lanetes have small (4-6cm) white widely spaced flowers; subtle but beautiful. It begins with five simple outer petals curving backwards and then later a small yellow-ish or pink-ish inner flower emerges. The flowers… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Flame Tree

flame tree flowers

Thai Name – Haang-nok-yuung farang (หางนกยูงฝรั่ง)Scientific Name – Delonix regiaFamily Name – Fabaceae (Leguminosae)Other English Names – Flamboyant, Royal poincianaFlowering Season – April-JuneNative to Thailand – NoTypical Height – 6-12 meters Not only are flame trees one of the world’s most beautiful flowering trees, the individual flowers, which look sort of like orchids, are also strikingly beautiful. At peak bloom, a flame tree’s crown will be full of these blazing… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Pink Shower Tree

pink shower tree flower

Thai Name – Gan-la-pa-pruek (กัลปพฤกษ์), Ga-la-pruek (กาลพฤกษ์)Scientific Name – Cassia bakerianaFamily Name – Fabaceae (Leguminosae)Other English Names – Wishing tree, Pink cassiaFlowering Season – February-AprilNative to Thailand – YesTypical Height – 6-12 meters Although the flowers are almost completely different, the pink shower tree is quite closely related to the golden shower tree and both are very showy with long lasting blooms. These open pink and fade to white. From… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Calabura

calabura tree flower

Thai Name – Da-cope farang (ตะขบฝรั่ง)Scientific Name – Muntingia calaburaFamily Name – MuntingiaceaeOther English Names – Strawberry tree, jam tree, Singapore cherryFlowering Season – Year-round, but less in the cool seasonNative to Thailand – NoTypical Height – 5-12 meters One of the most understated flowering trees in Thailand, you could easily walk past a flowering calabura and not notice the small (1.5-2cm) solitary white flowers. They have five wide petals… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Burma Padauk

Burma padauk tree flowers and a bee

Thai Name – Bpra-duu (ประดู่)      Scientific Name – Pterocarpus macrocarpus      Family Name – Fabaceae (Leguminosae)      Flowering Season – March-April      Native to Thailand – Yes      Typical Height – 15-30 meters       The Burma padauk goes from completely green to full of small (about 1.5 centimeters wide) yellow flowers overnight; and reverts back to all green again after only a few days in bloom. The flowers turn into distinctive disc-shaped seeds, which give the tree its scientific name. The genus Pterocarpus… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Silver Trumpet Tree

silver trumpet tree flowers and seed pods

Thai Name – Lueang Breedeeyatawn (เหลืองปรีดียาธร)Scientific Name – Tabebuia aurea (some organizations use Tabebuia caraiba or Tabebuia argentea)Family Name – BignoniaceaeOther English Names – Caribbean trumpet treeFlowering Season – February-AprilNative to Thailand – NoTypical Height – 3-8 meters When a silver trumpet tree is in full bloom the yellow flowers can entirely cover the tree’s crown. From a distance it can look like a golden shower tree, but those flowers… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Geiger Tree

Geiger tree flowers

Thai Name – Man daeng (หมันแดง) Scientific Name – Cordia sebestena Family Name – Boraginaceae Other English Names – Scarlet Cordia Flowering Season – Year-round, but most abundant March-May Native to Thailand – No Typical Height – 6-9 metersGeiger trees have vivid orange five-centimeter-wide flowers that grow in clusters at the ends of branches. From a distance these clusters look like giant orange balls and give the trees a polka… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Indian Cork Tree

Indian cork tree flowers

Thai Name – Pip (ปีบ), Gasalawng (กาสะลอง)      Scientific Name – Millingtonia hortensis       Family Name – Bignoniaceae      Other English Names – Tree jasmine      Flowering Season – September-May      Native to Thailand – Yes      Typical Height – 10-20 meters       The Indian cork tree is a tall, typically rather narrow tree with distinctive long (5-10cm) white fragrant flowers that bloom straight out and then later hang down. At a quick glance the flowers appear to have four petals, but it’s… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Pride of India

Pride of India tree flowers

Thai Name – Intanin Nam (อินทนิลน้ำ)Scientific Name – Lagerstroemia speciosaFamily Name – LythraceaeOther English Names – Crepe Myrtle, Rose of IndiaFlowering Season – March-MayNative to Thailand –YesTypical Height – 10-20 meters A very common street-side ornamental tree in Thailand, the Pride of India is unmistakable when it’s flowering. It has long (up to 40cm) pointy flower clusters ranging purple to pink; in Thailand they’re frequently a pale lavender. The distinctive cluster shape makes… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Rain Tree

rain tree flowers

Thai Name – Jamjuri (จามจุรี)      Scientific Name – Albizia saman (some organizations continue to use the former Samanea saman)      Family Name – Fabaceae (Leguminosae)      Other English Names – Monkey Pod      Flowering Season – February-May and September-November      Native to Thailand – No      Typical Height – 15-30 meters       Rain trees are very common in Thailand and are easily identified by their wide umbrella-shaped crowns supported by massive branches. Their unique flowers look like little pink and white brooms… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Golden Shower Tree

golden shower tree flower

Thai Name – Ratchaphruek (ราชพฤกษ์), Khuen (คูน)      Scientific Name – Cassia fistula      Family Name – Fabaceae (Leguminosae)      Flowering Season – March-May      Native to Thailand – Yes      Typical Height – 8-12 meters       The golden shower tree is one of the most popular decorative trees in Thailand due to its massive hanging flower clusters that grow 30-50cm long and up to 7cm wide. At peak bloom you can barely see any green leaves. From a distances it… Read More