Pat Mee Khorat

pat mee khoart

Common in its namesake province, and rare everywhere else, most Thais have heard of pat mee khorat (ผัดหมี่โคราช), but few have ever eaten it. It’s a spicy stir-fried rice noodle dish often compared to pat thai. Popularized during a period of nationalism and rice shortages in the 1930s and 40s, pat thai’s origin story is widely told, though not well documented. (Just who created pat thai and when is a… Read More

Flowering Trees of Thailand – Siamese Senna

Siamese Senna flowers and seed pods

Thai Name – Kee-lek (ขี้เหล็ก)Scientific Name – Senna siameaFamily Name – Fabaceae (Leguminosae)Other English Names – kassod tree, cassod tree, Siamese cassia, Thai cassia, yellow cassiaFlowering Season – Year-roundNative to Thailand – YesTypical Height – 10-20 meters Siamese senna has beautiful bright yellow flowers with five scoop-shaped petals that burst out of a pea-sized bud. When viewed from up close, the long (15-25cm) flat seed pods stand out almost as… Read More

Boon Khao Sak Photo Essay

woman wrapping fish in a banana leaf

These photos are from the Boon Khao Sak (บุญข้าวสาก) celebration in Ban Khok Sawang, Waeng Yai district, Khon Kaen province on September 24, 2018. Special thanks to Yai Lune and Mae Saithip for taking such good care of us in the village. For more information, there’s an explanation of Boon Khao Sak and an overview of heet sip-song, the twelve Isan merit-making traditions. Early morning activities at the temple were no different than those… Read More

Boon Khao Pradap Din Photo Essay

taking food to the temple at night for Boon Khao Pradap Din

These photos are from the Boon Khao Pradap Din (บุญข้าวประดับดิน) celebration in the little village of Ban Kham Pia, Khon Kaen province, on September 8 and 9, 2018. Locals here call it Boon Khao Noi (“Little Food”) and the similar Boon Khao Sak ceremony that follows two weeks later is called Boon Khao Yai (“A Lot of Food) since more food is given at the latter. Thanks to Mae Teem and her… Read More