Flowering Trees of Thailand – Pride of India

Thai Name – Intanin Nam (อินทนิลน้ำ)      
Scientific Name – Lagerstroemia speciosa      
Family Name – Lythraceae      
Other English Names – Crepe Myrtle, Rose of India      
Flowering Season – March-May      
Native to Thailand –Yes      
Typical Height – 10-20 meters      

A very common street-side ornamental tree in Thailand, the Pride of India is unmistakable when it's flowering. It has long (up to 40cm) pointy flower clusters ranging purple to pink; in Thailand they're frequently a pale lavender. The distinctive cluster shape makes it easy to differentiate from the similar looking Loudon's Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia loudonii / salao, เสลา). Pride of India is Sakon Nakhon's provincial tree and provincial flower, as well as being the provincial tree of Ranong.

Pride of India tree

Pride of India tree flowers

Pride of India tree flowers


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