Flowering Trees of Thailand – Silver Trumpet Tree

Thai Name – Lueang Breedeeyatawn (เหลืองปรีดียาธร)
Scientific Name – Tabebuia aurea (some organizations use Tabebuia caraiba or Tabebuia argentea)
Family Name – Bignoniaceae
Other English Names – Caribbean trumpet tree
Flowering Season – February-April
Native to Thailand – No
Typical Height – 3-8 meters

When a silver trumpet tree is in full bloom the yellow flowers can entirely cover the tree’s crown. From a distance it can look like a golden shower tree, but those flowers hang in long dangles while silver trumpet tree flowers clump together like bouquets, so even from afar you can usually tell the two trees apart. The five petals create a trumpet-shaped flower, hence the name. The silver part of the name comes from the greyish tint of the bark and often the leaves. The crown is rarely symmetrical and sometimes it grows wide and sometimes it grows tall. The seed pod has a shape similar to sugar peas, though the tree’s are much larger.

flowering silver trumpet tree
silver trumpet tree flowers
silver trumpet tree flowers and seed pods
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5 thoughts on “Flowering Trees of Thailand – Silver Trumpet Tree

    1. Up close nobody would confuse them, but from afar when you can only see lots of yellow, I have thought it was a golden shower tree until I got closer. I doubt I am the only one.

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