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I’m constantly curious about Thai culture, and I spend a lot of time researching and writing about the things that intrigue me. So, instead of just keeping all this in a folder on my computer, I created this blog to share information about the things that I find interesting in Thailand, with the assumption that some other people will find them interesting too. I travel in Thailand a lot, often to off-the-beaten-path places, and I’m fascinated by ancient sites, Buddhist temple art, folktales, Thai and Isan food, and traditional handicrafts. I won’t be writing about beaches, bars, or banana pancakes. I must give credit to my wife Gukgai who helps me with many of these posts.

About Me

Tim Bewer

I’m Tim Bewer. Born and raised in Wisconsin in the USA, I first visited Thailand in 1997 during a six-nation Southeast Asia backpacking trip. I returned several times after that for work and pleasure before choosing to make Khon Kaen my home in 2007. I began post-university life as a legislative assistant, but quickly realized that I didn’t have the ego to succeed in the political world (or the stomach to work around those who did) and I began a freelance life of writing travel articles and guidebooks and selling stock photography. I have updated Lonely Planet’s best-selling Thailand guidebook since 2006, as well as covering many other destinations for them including Laos, Mexico, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and the USA. Travel is my primary passion and I have visited all of Thailand’s 77 provinces as well as over 80 countries, including all in Southeast Asia except Timor-Leste. Since 2012 my wife and I have run Isan Explorer tour company, leading slow travel cultural tours exclusively in Northeast Thailand.

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I don’t collect any personal information other than what you send in an e-mail (I’ll never share any of this with any third party) or post in a comment. But, like most websites, I use Google (like Maps, AdSense, and Analytics) and WordPress services, and some of these use cookies (small text files stored on your computer and accessible only by the services that create them) to collect anonymous browsing data. All ads are clearly marked as such and I have no control over which ads you see when visiting our site. You can opt out of personalized advertising at Google Ads Settings and the Digital Advertising Alliance. And you can read more on the Google Privacy & Terms. Send me an e-mail with any privacy questions.

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