Flowering Trees of Thailand – Geiger Tree

Thai Name – Man daeng (หมันแดง)
Scientific Name – Cordia sebestena
Family Name – Boraginaceae
Other English Names – Scarlet Cordia
Flowering Season – Year-round, but most abundant March-May
Native to Thailand – No
Typical Height – 6-9 metersGeiger trees have vivid orange five-centimeter-wide flowers that grow in clusters at the ends of branches. From a distance these clusters look like giant orange balls and give the trees a polka dot design.

flowering Geiger tree
Geiger tree flowers
Geiger tree flowers
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2 thoughts on “Flowering Trees of Thailand – Geiger Tree

  1. Dearr sir, can you please advise how much it would cost to send some orange geiger tree seed to the uk, if not too much i would like to oder some.

    Regards Mr J C Scudamore

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