Flowering Trees of Thailand – Indian Cork Tree

Thai Name – Pip (ปีบ), Gasalawng (กาสะลอง)      
Scientific Name – Millingtonia hortensis       
Family Name – Bignoniaceae      
Other English Names – Tree jasmine      
Flowering Season – September-May      
Native to Thailand – Yes      
Typical Height – 10-20 meters      

The Indian cork tree is a tall, typically rather narrow tree with distinctive long (5-10cm) white fragrant flowers that bloom straight out and then later hang down. At a quick glance the flowers appear to have four petals, but it’s actually five with two of the petals being a bit smaller than the others and growing together as a pair. Because the flower was formerly used in some medicines, and because it’s white like their uniforms, it is the symbol of Thai nurses. It’s also the provincial tree of Chiang Rai and Phitsanulok. Though it’s not nearly as good as the real thing, the bark can be used like cork.

flowering Indian cork tree
Indian cork tree flowers
Indian cork tree flowers
Indian cork tree flowers
Indian cork tree flowers
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4 thoughts on “Flowering Trees of Thailand – Indian Cork Tree

  1. Common tree here in Udon Thani, also a whole row of them near Central. Its a beautiful tree and favorite with local bird wildlife.

    1. I know this flower thanks to the famous lakorn of CH3 “Klin Kasalong.” I wonder if what is the meaning of this flower in Thai culture. Thank you very much.

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