Flowering Trees of Thailand – Pink Shower Tree

Thai Name – Gan-la-pa-pruek (กัลปพฤกษ์), Ga-la-pruek (กาลพฤกษ์)
Scientific Name – Cassia bakeriana
Family Name – Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Other English Names – Wishing tree, Pink cassia
Flowering Season – February-April
Native to Thailand – Yes
Typical Height – 6-12 meters

Although the flowers are almost completely different, the pink shower tree is quite closely related to the golden shower tree and both are very showy with long lasting blooms. These open pink and fade to white. From a distance, a flowering pink shower tree strongly resembles a cherry tree, though it has both bigger flowers and bigger clusters than cherry trees. While the flower bears no resemblance to the golden shower tree, the long tubular fruit is outwardly similar, though a bit shorter, usually reaching 25-40cm. The pink shower tree is the provincial flower of Ratchaburi, the provincial tree of Khon Kaen, and the official tree of Khon Kaen University. Some old Thai stories talked about these trees growing in heaven (angels would wish for things upon them) in the past some people planted them on the southwest side of their houses for good luck.

flowering pink shower tree
pink shower tree flower
pink shower tree flower
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  1. Amazing post! I was looking for any info about pink shower for more than a year. We have it on Phangan, and use the pods as music instruments – it’s became valuable souvenir! I am in Rudraksha research in Thailand, and looking all the rest around

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