Flowering Trees of Thailand – Lanete

Thai Name – Mok man (โมกมัน)      
Scientific Name – Wrightia arborea      
Family Name – Apocynaceae      
Other English Names – Ivory, tree, dhudhi, woolly dyeing rosebay      
Flowering Season – April-August      
Native to Thailand – Yes      
Typical Height – 8-20 meters      

Not a showy tree, lanetes have small (4-6cm) white widely spaced flowers; subtle but beautiful. It begins with five simple outer petals curving backwards and then later a small yellow-ish or pink-ish inner flower emerges. The flowers begin as a bullet-shaped pod. Lanete is the provincial tree of Ratchaburi province.

flowering lanete tree

lanete tree flower

flowering lanete tree

flower bud from lanete tree


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