Wat Jomsri Bottle Temple

To the disapproval of the abbot, but with the support of many people in the community, a renegade monk at Wat Jomsri (วัดจอมศรี) who is focused more on magic than dharma has created his own little domain at the back of the temple. Here he has built a mock-cave shrine using old beer and energy drink bottles.

monk's quarters and welcome sign

Hidden behind foliage, this small, unique sanctuary is built of concrete, stone, and about 1,500 bottles. A modest, but still interesting example of bottle temple art.

exterior wall of bottle building
exterior wall of bottle building
window made of bottles
entrance with naga
front step of bottle building

There’s a Buddha on the primary perch with several naga sitting around it. The walls are plastered with amulets and painted-fabric stalactites hang from the ceiling.

Buddha in main shrine of bottle building
Buddha in bottle building
amulets and bottles on interior wall
stalctites and bottles
closeup of bottles in roof

The rest of the temple is quite ordinary with a standard ubosot, modest wihan, and various small shrines. This spot is notable as the home of the Sri Than ancient community.

large Phra Sangkhajai shrine with clsed gate
bai sema on a large rack
shrine with elephant and horse
fish trap, drum, and naga funnel for new year

Location – Tambon Nai Mueang, Amphoe Mueang, Khon Kaen Province

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