Ku Ban Ton Khmer Ruin

The meagre remains – mostly a broken pedestal and three laterite blocks – of Ku Ban Ton (กู่บ้านโต้น) are displayed in a small garden in front of the ubosot at Wat Si Pimon on the north side of the village that the Khmer ruin was named after. The actual site is out in the rice paddies a bit northwest of Wat Si Pimon, but the abbot told us there is nothing there now, and we didn’t go check it out.

bai sema in front of Buddha image and ubosot
broken sandstone pedestal
two laterite blocks
broken laterite block and small sandstone block

There are also about a dozen bai sema on display here. Some came from the site of Ku Ban Ton, so it’s known to have been a Dvaravati settlement before the Khmer came, and some were found elsewhere around the village.

abbot standing with bai sema
row of bai sema
pair of bai sema
tall, thin bai sema
bai sema with candles as offerings

Location – Wat Si Pimon, Ban Ton, Tambon Ban Ton, Amphoe Phra Yuen, Khon Kaen Province

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