The Buddha Nearing Death at Wat Yang Tuang Wararam

close up of buddha vomiting on mural painting at wat yang tuang wararam

The Buddha died of dysentery after eating spoiled pork. Some people (seemingly mostly Westerners who are uncomfortable with the idea of the Buddha eating meat, even though this is discussed in the Pali Canon many times) have decided that the final meal of "soft pork" was actually a type of mushroom and he died from poisoning. Regardless of what the food was, the Buddha knew that is was bad and would cause his death, so he made sure he was the only person to eat that meal.

Wat Yang Tuang Wararam (วัดยางทวงวราราม), also known as Wat Ban Yang (วัดบ้านยาง), in Amphoe Borabue, Maha Sarakham province is the only place that I have ever noticed this episode of his life actually depicted.


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